City Bans Aerial Fireworks

City Bans Aerial Fireworks 
Posted on 08/02/2017

While most residents celebrated responsibly on July 4, some did not. One fire caused by fireworks in a residential area near Mountain View Cemetery quickly spread through a vacant field and nearly destroyed one home across the street from Bywater Park, while damaging other property adjacent to the field.

Thanks to the quick action of neighbors, police and fire crews, the home was saved from destruction, and no one was hurt.

The fireworks that caused the damage were set off in a restricted/banned area. Other fires were also caused by fireworks that same night, set off in restricted areas within the city.

The individual thought to be responsible for the fires is being prosecuted, and could face jail, fines and restitution for damage if convicted. 

Due to extremely dry and hot weather conditions, the City Council voted on July 11 to enact a temporary ban on all personal aerial fireworks. The ban prohibits all fireworks that travel higher than 15 feet in the air, effective until Dec. 29, 2017.