Make It Home Safe For The Holidays

Make It Home Safe For The Holidays
Posted on 12/02/2015

On Nov. 20, the Cottonwood Heights Police Department launched its “3D” Blitz to combat drunk, impaired and distracted driving in the city.

The Cottonwood Heights Fraternal Order of Police, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, local highway safety advocates and news media were there for the launch.

The “3D” Blitz (three Ds represent “drunk, drugged or distracted”) will include concentrated efforts to crack down on impaired driving during the holiday season, and will last through Jan. 4, 2016.

The CHPD wants all residents to make it home safely during the holidays.

DUI BlitzIn the two years following the formation of CHPD in September of 2008, there were four DUI-related deaths. Since June of 2010, there have been no DUI-related deaths. The goal of the “3D” Blitz is to reach the goal of 2,000 days without a DUI-related death, which would happen on Dec. 11. As of Nov. 22, it was 1,981 days.