Neighborhood Watch: A Valuable Community Resource

Neighborhood Watch: A Valuable Community Resource
Posted on 12/02/2015

You may have noticed a lot of residential fires and other tragic events in news recently. You may also know that Cottonwood Heights has an active and engaged group of folks who want to do their part keep our neighborhoods safe.

What kinds of things can you learn by getting involved?

Our precinct recently held our annual Emergency Preparedness/Neighborhood Watch Fall Event. The location was McNeil Circle, a cul-de-sac near Danish Road located in the southeast side of Cottonwood Heights.

After a hearty breakfast that September Saturday morning, local Red Cross leader Stan Rosenzweig and a few others shared information on how to prevent fires, and what to do in case of a fire.

Dr. Dave Heaston also demonstrated how to stop bleeding by applying pressure using an Israeli Emergency bandage. Every home should have at least one!

Preceinct volunteer Darrell Voorhees gave instruction on 72-hour kits and how to organize and store our personal documents.

The Cottonwood Heights Police Department was well represented there, too. Sharon Broadhead staffed the “wheel” that tested our youth’s knowledge of safety and crime prevention with prizes for the correct answers. 

CHPD Asstant Chief Paul Brennaman addressed the group while providing an update on crime in our area and what we can do to report any suspicious activity to assist police.

Two K-9 officers demonstrated their police service dogs in action, and several brave volunteers played the role of the villains.

This kind of resource is invaluable for Cottonwood Heights residents. We encourage any and all to get involved and help keep our community safe. Come join us!