Preventing Package Theft

Preventing Package Theft
Posted on 12/04/2017

Are you a member of Amazon Prime? Do you make online purchases from Walmart, or any number of department stores? We are all shopping online these days and it is so convenient. So, why not let these stores deliver your purchases to your home, especially now that the holiday shopping season is about to get into full swing? 

Well, thieves also are happy for home-delivery, so they can waltz up to your front door when you aren't home from work. Stealing front-door delivered packages is as convenient for them as the click-shopping was for you. Whether from FedEx, UPS or the Postal Service, packages left at front doors are easy targets and it takes just a moment for a package to get snatched off a porch.  

What can you do to protect those purchases and help reduce crime from crooks looking for easy targets of opportunity? How about eliminating the packages as targets? 

Here are four tips to deny them access to your goods: 

1. Have packages delivered to your place of work. 

2. If that isn't convenient, ask a relative or friend who is at home during the day to accept your packages.

3. Ask your retailer, or shipper, to deliver in the evening and require a signature for the delivery.

4. Direct the online purchase be delivered to the retailer's store for pickup. 

Shipping online orders to Walmart's pickup locations in stores works very well, for instance. It's safe and convenient. Online shopping can still be convenient when you buy from retailers with stores nearby, and it is so much safer.