It’s Simple: Neighborhood Watch Works!

It’s Simple: Neighborhood Watch Works!
Posted on 06/02/2015

Practicing the Neighborhood Watch Program’s motto, “We See, We Hear, We Call,” doesn’t take much extra time – it simply means being aware and alert to our surroundings – all the time!

Recently, Cottonwood Heights Police Officers Davies and Garcia responded to a suspicious person call.  A citizen was at home recovering from an injury when he saw someone leave his neighbor’s yard, carrying a ladder, which was put into a waiting Mustang.  The alert neighbor took a picture of the vehicle, called 911, and gave the officers a good description of the two suspects and vehicle.  Officer Davies’realized the ladder would likely be pawned for cash so he started to investigate using the state-wide pawn database. The database showed a ladder matching the one stolen had just been pawned at a pawnshop in West Jordan. Officers Davies and Garcia were able to locate the suspects and vehicle near the West Jordan pawn shop. They arrested two brothers as they were driving away.  The older brother was on parole and had apparently pulled his younger brother into crime.  This was the second incident within a week in the same neighborhood. The culprits escaped the first time, because there was no vigilant neighbor on watch who saw and then called the CHPD immediately.             

Officers Davies and Garcia caution that crimes of opportunity are avoidable: that ladders or other equipment left outside make for easy pickups by thieves; and that Cottonwood Heights residents should not succumb to a false sense of security.  More than 80% of thefts are drug-related. The officers urge us to be alert, be aware, and to immediately report suspicious activity.  Remember, if something doesn’t look right, it probably isn’t!  Don’t be afraid to call – you are NOT wasting the CHPD’s time!