Keeping Tabs On Crime In Cottonwood Heights

Keeping Tabs On Crime In Cottonwood Heights
Posted on 03/04/2015
CH Police

by Ronna Cohen, Neighborhood Watch Coordinator

Some may wonder how our police officers spend their time. While some of us may believe they sit around eating donuts or drinking coffee, statistical information available at http://cottonwood provides better insight into what they really do.

Crime statistic updates are presented monthly to the City Council outlining the previous month’s calls and crime trends. As this is prepared for the next issue of the city newsletter, the most recent month posted is December.

Here’s what happened:

The December link shows a year-end report. 6,945 case reports were taken in 2014. We had 165 DUI arrests and 588 traffic accidents. Officers also responded to 288 domestic situations. The police department received 17,743 calls for service during 2014.

Looking at the month-to-month comparisons puts December on par with July, where the impact of summer celebrations can be seen. Which District gets the most calls? 42% occur in District 1; 16% in District 4.. Maybe District 4 has a better Neighborhood Watch program or could it be that District 1 has more businesses and apartment complexes?

Officer response times for all priority calls have been trending downward over the past year. The average response time for an officer to arrive on scene to a priority one call was 4.5 mins. Priority one calls are those where someone’s life is in danger or a crime is reported as being in progress.

Scroll down to “Overall UCR Crime View” (Uniform Crime Reporting) to learn what really happens. Theft, burglary, and assault top the list, while it may surpise some to know that we do have rape and auto theft in Cottonwood Heights. Adults get arrested at a higher rate than juveniles, but we still have about 10 youngsters arrested each month. Juveniles are more likely to get arrested for drugs; offenses by adults are mostly theft and DUIs.

Keep scrolling down and you will see photos showing the severity of some accidents.

Want to know what is happening on your street? Go to Enter your street address and zip code. All CHPD stats are regularly uploaded.

Hint: “T” is Theft. “TV” is Theft from Vehicle. All crime and all registered sex offenders are listed. As the scope of the map increases, you will see more of what has recently happened. Click in the upper left to get more details on each incident.

We may be the City (safely nestled) Between the Canyons, but we still face crime and problems within our borders. With our community policing initiative, an active Neighborhood Watch program, and caring neighbors, we can work hand-in-hand to continue to make Cottonwood Heights a jewel.