Youngest Officer Follows Tradition at CHPD

Youngest Officer Follows Tradition at CHPD
Posted on 01/30/2018

This past April, at the age of 21, Brady Askerlund graduated from the Utah Police Officer Standards and Training Academy to become the youngest police officer serving in Utah. It was a proud day for Officer Askerlund, as well as for his father who is serving elsewhere in the state and his uncle, recently retired Lt. Mark Askerlund from our own Cottonwood Heights PD.


 Growing up with two men he looked up to gave Officer Askerlund a full understanding of the job and that this would be the career for him. "I knew that law enforcement is a life challenge. I went to work with my dad and found that it was very fulfilling."


After graduation, he accepted a position in Cottonwood Heights where he went through the four phases of post-graduation training. New officers are first assigned to travel with and assist more experienced mentors, and progress through phases where they are expected to do the job. Ultimately, they reach phase four, called the ghost phase because the mentor is in plain clothes primarily to observe and report.


Officer Askerlund now is assigned to patrol duty and loves it. "There is something new every day and it is never monotonous." He concedes that there can be slow stretches. But then there are times where there are non-stop calls. Officer Askerlund looks forward to getting the chance to become well rounded in a variety of areas, such as SWAT, Investigative and K-9. Like his relatives, he looks forward to a long career of helping our community.