City Passes Idle-free Ordinance

City Passes Idle-free Ordinance
Posted on 08/07/2018

In mid-June, the Cottonwood Heights City Council passed Ordinance 299, which prohibits drivers from allowing their vehicle engines to idle for extended periods of time.

The new law will help reduce vehicle emissions, especially during the winter months.

Idling ordinance highlights:

  • Restrictions on idling more than one minute
  • Excludes public safety vehicles, including police and fire
  • Excludes idling that is necessary for the health and safety of a driver or passenger, including police K-9 or service animals
  • Excludes idling necessary for testing after vehicle repairs
  • Excludes heavy equipment with turbocharged engines necessary for charging brake systems (such as buses)

Since the purpose of the new ordinance is to educate rather than punish, three warnings must be given before a citation is issued.