Canyons School District: Building with Purpose

Canyons School District: Building with Purpose
Posted on 09/11/2017

In Canyons District, residents know that a strong community is essential to building a bright future for students. In 2010, voters approved a $250 million bond to help ensure that students attend modern, seismically safe schools in the Cottonwood Heights area. The Board of Education has invested a sizable portion of the district’s yearly budget to school improvements above and beyond the money earned from the voter-approved bond.

It’s an accomplishment for which all should be proud. Thanks to residents’ support, Canyons was able to undertake an ambitious construction and renovation schedule that has had a positive impact for all its schools and students. Here are a few improvements made at the schools in our community:  

Facility Improvements Since 2009:

-All CSD schools have been provided heating, cooling systems

-Security vestibules at all elementary schools


Brighton High 

New classrooms, dance studio, weight room, football and soccer fields, and tennis courts, and upgraded baseball field, auditorium sound system and roofing 

Butler Middle

Newly rebuilt school featuring an expanded cafeteria and gymnasium with an elevated indoor running track; computer suite and media center with green screen TV production studio; and a music suite with band and choir rooms 

Butler Elementary

Newly rebuilt school featuring uninterrupted views of the mountain-rimmed Salt Lake Valley, state-of-the-art classrooms, computer labs, and gymnasium 

Albion Middle

Renovated to provide more natural light and to add new landscaping, band, dance and choral rooms, and an upgraded media center, gymnasium and auditorium

Granite, Bella Vista, Quail Hollow, Oakdale, Ridgecrest 

Various upgrades, ranging from new carpet and sprinkling systems to updated restrooms, roofing and parking lots


Collaborated with Cottonwood Heights on a project that led to the construction of the award-winning Mountview Park, the site of the old Mountview Elementary