Cub Scouts Learn About City Government

Cub Scouts Learn About City Government
Posted on 03/07/2017

On Jan. 31, youth leaders from the Wasatch Stake of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints took their Cub Scouts to City Hall to see how city government works.

Mayor Cullimore participated in a mock city council meeting in which he played the mayor and four scouts took the place of the other council members.

Other Scouts took the parts of the audience - each being assigned a part in a mock debate about a city named “Laketown” and whether or not the city should have a water park built into the adjacent (fictional) reservoir.

The town members were allowed time to meet and set up arguments both for and against this the project. The mock council meeting went forth with each side giving their argument, as the council members were then each given a turn to speak and voice their vote. The vote was tied at two for the water park and two against.

As in a real council meeting, the mayor explained that he would be the tie breaker, and voted in favor of the water park. Following the meeting, Mayor Cullimore took the group on a tour of the new City Hall.

There were approximately 30 Cubs in attendance with their parents and families (who played the part of concerned citizens at the meeting).