Oct. 2018 WFWRD News & Notes

Oct. 2018 WFWRD News & Notes
Posted on 10/01/2018

Fall Leaf Collection

The annual Fall Leaf Collection Program will begin on Oct. 15 and last through Nov. 30. Cottonwood Heights residents can pick up leaf bags at:

Cottonwood Heights City Hall: 2277 E. Bengal Blvd.

Cottonwood Heights Fire Station: 1790 E. Fort Union Blvd.

Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center: 2230 E. Evergreen Ave.

Wasatch Fire Station: 8295 S. Wasatch Blvd.

Whitmore Library: 2197 E. Fort Union Blvd.

            Leaf Bags can be dropped off at:

Bywater Park: 3149 Banbury Road


Recycling Education

This fall, Wasatch Front Waste and Recycling representatives will be visiting libraries and community centers throughout the district to provide education and materials on recycling. Please inquire at Whitmore Library or contact Sustainability Coordinator Jeffrey Summerhays at 385-468-6337 to request a visit.

Keep the Faith and Keep Recycling

WFWRD leaf bags are limited to 10 bags per household, and available while supplies last. Residents can also use and drop off their own purchased leaf bags or lawn bags, as long as they only contain leaves. Here’s what you need to know about recycling vs. landfilling recyclable materials:

There is still an increased cost to deliver recycling to the landfill.

WFWRD staff are not proposing to increase fees for services in 2019.

Taking recycling to the landfill will not prevent a need to increase fees for services in the future.

With unanticipated costs, a fee increase will be needed sooner to sustain services (with or without recycling).

The next projected fee increase is 2022.

The projected increased cost is approximately 25 cents per home/month to continue recycling vs. landfilling. (Roughly $1 to recycle vs. 75 cents to landfill recycling.)