Photo Showcase at City Hall

Photo Showcase at City Hall
Posted on 04/02/2019
A big thanks to all the great professional and amateur artists who provided so many beautiful photographs for the CH Arts Council’s annual photography show.

The photos were displayed in the lobby area of City Hall during March and seen by the many visitors who came by.

Winners were also designated as follows:

Best of Show (Professional) - Dave Koch “Fly Geyser”
($75 cash award)

Best of Show (Amateur) - Jon Bouwhuis “Shakaland Village” ($75 cash award)

Best Photo (Youth) - Hailey Hite “Bridge to Adventure” ($50 cash award)

Awards of Merit (from any category - 4 winners $25 each)

Richard Ansley “Lupine Sunset”
Bryan Anderson “Jeep Light Trail on the Shafer Trail”
Lauren Cwiklo”Turn the Page”
Shafique Janmohamed “Silver Lake Fall”

Mayor's Choice - Rick Kramer “To Honor, To Remember” (Selected by the mayor and/or city council)

People's Choice - Shafique Janmohamed “Silver Lake Fall” (Determined by voting at Open House on March 28)

Honorable Mention:
Ken Fortie “Milky Way Reflection”
M. Brent Howcroft “La Caille Peacock”
Bjorn McMillan “Hidden Falls”
Justin Dowey “Canopy View”
Katie Collins “Serenity at Utah Lake”
Linda Dalton Walker “Trust”
Nicole Bennett “Fresh Tracks”
Prajit Ravindran “When life comes full circle”
Tammy Stoner “Spiral Jetty”
Trey Sayes “White Sombrero”
Tessa Halley “Senior Moments”
Grace Hite “Shining Nature”