Emergency 9-1-1 Registration

Emergency 9-1-1 Registration
Posted on 03/07/2019

The Cottonwood Heights Emergency Management team and Police Department are encouraging all citizens to register their phones for reverse notifications, in case officials need to contact residents in case of disaster or other emergencies. 

To receive emergency notifications, you need to register (and update) your primary telephone number and all associated numbers with local 9-1-1 centers.

For CH residents, go to: http://www.vecc9-1-1.com/voip-registration/.

The registration process and instructions can be downloaded here

Currently, there are just under 17,000 residences and businesses (estimated) in Cottonwood Heights. Of those locations, 8,977 have “land lines” (hard wired). All hard lines in Cottonwood Heights are

The Valley Emergency Communication Center (VECC) says that all “land lines” are automatically registered for reverse notifications, but that there are only 334 Internet (VOIP) and cell phone lines registered in Cottonwood Heights.

The reverse notification process allows home and business owners who use cell phones as their primary contact to be alerted in case they are away from the area.

Please register your primary residential or business phone number, so that emergency officials can contact you in case of a disaster, health or public safety event.