Roadway Citizens Committee Process Begins

Roadway Citizens Committee Process Begins
Posted on 03/05/2018

A new roadway committee recently gathered at City Hall to focus on developing a plan for how to invest in maintaining city roads.

Cottonwood Heights is in the process of conducting a pavement management study to determine how to best plan for pavement preservation and reconstruction throughout the city. In an effort to ensure the plan is based on community values and built with resident involvement, the city formed the Roadway Citizen Committee (RCC).

The main purpose of the RCC is to work together to identify community values and roadway prioritization criteria and explore funding options to meet these needs based off their own experience and what they hear from their community neighbors and peers. The RCC will work side-by-side with the City staff and technical team to develop criteria and recommendations to the City Council. 

The RCC was formed to be representative of the Cottonwood Heights community. If you would like to provide input or feedback to your community representatives or learn more about this project please call 801-503-8458 to get in direct touch with your neighbors on the committee.

The committee consists of former Mayor Kelvyn Cullimore, UDOT Program Engineer and CH resident Chris Potter, CH resident Mike Vallez, property owner Mike Roderick, local business owner Dan Mills and former Cottonwood Heights planning commissioner Tom Bowen.