Wasatch Front News & Notes – Sept. 2018

Wasatch Front News & Notes – Sept. 2018
Posted on 09/03/2018

Truck Safety

Many schools are gearing up for the new school year. Whenever your routine is altered, it is sometimes difficult to realign your schedule and remember everything that you need to accomplish. WFWRD drivers are aware of the influx of children going to and coming from school, and are always looking out for their safety. The District also encourages all families to discuss safety practices with their kids around large vehicles, including garbage trucks and school buses. Big trucks are fun to watch, but it is important to remember to keep your distance to stay safe.


Did you know that the Wasatch Front Waste & Recycling District provides landfill vouchers to residents? These vouchers give Cottonwood Heights residents up to $12 off one load of acceptable materials at the Salt Lake Valley Landfill. You can obtain these vouchers if you have the ability to haul your own truck or trailer loads to the landfill. The vouchers can be obtained at Cottonwood Heights City Hall.