A green light for the Union Park/Ft. Union intersection

A green light for the Union Park/Ft. Union intersection
Posted on 08/13/2012

Do you like waiting at red lights? We didn’t think so.

At big intersections with a lot of traffic, wait times can be as long at 150 seconds.  The intersection of Union Park Avenue and Fort Union Boulevard is one of the highest volume intersections in the valley and has a very long cycle length at peak times during the day. In fact, the Union Park corridor sees more than 65,000 cars per day with as many as 85,000 cars per day projected for 2030.

Cottonwood Heights has obtained federal funds for a project that optimizes the efficiency of this intersection by adding additional left-hand turn lanes so that more cars can turn left while the other legs of the intersection are waiting. The total project will cost about $400,000 and will include new signs, signal heads, ADA ramps, LED lights, detection equipment and striping. These improvements will help increase the overall safety at the intersection.

The low bid contractor for this project was Hidden Peak Electric. Their crews should begin work on the intersection towards the end of August and be finished this fall.

We don’t like waiting at red lights, and we look forward to a project that will decrease everyone’s wait time at this intersection.