A safer walk to school for Ridgecrest Elementary students

A safer walk to school for Ridgecrest Elementary students
Posted on 04/19/2013

Many people come to city council meeting and tell the council about their ideas to improve the community, but few come with a well-researched and viable way to accomplish the task. However, one local resident did all this and more: she found a way to solve a community problem at relatively little cost to the city.

It all started when concerned mother Debbie Durtschi came to city council meeting armed with an idea and a willingness to find a way to make it work. She spoke about the need for a safe sidewalk route for children to walk to school along 7200 South and presented information about a grant program administered by the state with available money for that purpose.

The council asked city engineer Brad Gilson to check into the program. Cottonwood Heights was eligible for funding, so Gilson submitted an application. There is a great need for sidewalks along state roads and competition is tough, but our project was chosen as one of the few to receive funding.

The city has been working with the state for about a year to acquire the needed “right-of-way” property rights and project design.  We are grateful to those property owners along 7200 South who were willing to work with the appraiser on agreements to keep the project on track.

As of right now, the sidewalk project is scheduled to start in May with a contract time of about 35 days. The plans are in the process of being approved and the contractor will be decided toward the end of April. Notices will be delivered to affected residents along the route before construction starts which will contain contact information for the project contractor.

We want to remind area residents to be extra careful once construction starts and remind children not to play in or around the construction zone. Workers will do everything possible to minimize the interruption of daily activities. If residents have questions about this project, they are welcome to call the Cottonwood Heights Public Works Department at 801-944-7090.