Before the snow flies...

Before the snow flies...
Posted on 12/07/2012

Don’t let a sunny Thanksgiving holiday fool you—winter weather is right around the corner! Now is a good time to read the city’s snow removal ordinance--Title 11 of the municipal code--and remember these important facts:

  • Residents must move parked cars off the street when there is any accumulation of snow until 24 hours after the storm has passed. This prevents snowplows from having to make multiple passes on the same street, which in turn helps keep the city budget healthy.
  • Residents are responsible to clear the sidewalks adjacent to their property. Sidewalks need to be cleared of snow within a reasonable time on the same day the snow falls, unless the snowfall occurs after 8 p.m.  In that case, it can wait until the next morning but must be gone by 10 a.m.

Remember, effective and timely snow removal prevents injuries and saves money, and is a great way to help out your neighbors! We appreciate the help of our residents in keeping our community safe.

If you have questions regarding snow removal procedures, please call the city offices at 801-944-7000 or submit a question through the Help Desk system on the city website.