Bike lost or stolen?

Bike lost or stolen?
Posted on 09/12/2011

Each year, approximately 30 bicycles are turned in to the Cottonwood Heights Police Department as found bikes. When they are received, an officer checks the bikes against reports of stolen bicycles. If there is no match, the bike is listed on the city’s web site and held for 90 days.

If no one claims the bike within that time frame, the bike is offered to the finder or donated to the Salt Lake City Bike Collective which refurbishes bicycles for disadvantaged youth. However, it is always preferable to return the bike to the owner and the best option is for the bikes not to be stolen at all!

CHPD suggests that bike owners take the following preventative measures to avoid having bikes lost or stolen:

  • Keep bikes in a secure location.
  • Teach children to ALWAYS put their bike away.
  • Always use a bike lock when leaving your bicycle unattended.
  • Report stolen bicycles to CHPD.
  • Keep a photograph and serial number for each bicycle in safe place.
  • Only bicycles with a serial number can be listed on the National Crime Information Center (NCIC).

If a bike is stolen please report it to the police department by calling 801-840-4000. A list of found bicycles can be found here.