CHPD offers motorcycle safety classes

CHPD offers motorcycle safety classes
Posted on 04/19/2013

by Chief Robby Russo

The weather is warming up and my Harley is uncovered and off the charger.  It’s the time of year when we remind everyone to watch out and share the road with motorcycles and bicycles.

I saw a recent study suggesting people 50 years old and older have a 247 percent higher risk of getting injured on motorcycles.  I will concede that my eyesight and reflexes are a tad slower. I’ll even admit that that I don’t bend or heal like Gumby or Pokie anymore.  But I don’t believe it’s the 50-year-old “Wild Hogs” that I see racing between lights and cutting between vehicles.  We’ve all seen that and inevitably something bad happens.

I’ve seen many horrible accidents involving motorcycles. Most often it’s not the riders fault, but that’s really irrelevant since they are always subject to the greatest injuries. Presumably, there are many factors involved in accidents and each should be evaluated independently to include road surface, safety gear, experience and equipment failures.

Our traffic specialist has studied various motorcycle accidents and discovered that although the cyclist wasn’t the prime contributor in the accident, the collision may have been prevented or resulted in reduced injuries if the rider used a different braking technique.  In an emergency, it is instinctual to apply the brakes hard and fast.  However, the result is too much rear brake which ends in a skid and limited control.

Having said that, we believe it would be helpful to sponsor a free training class in Cottonwood Heights using our motor officers.  The training incorporates basic riding and crash avoidance, including proper braking.  The faster a rider can dump the speed, the greater his/her chances of survival are in a potential collision.  CHPD will offer this free training on:

April 27th (Saturday)    9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.  Brighton High School (lower parking)

May 4th    (Saturday)    9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.  Brighton High School (lower parking)

  • Riders must bring their own motorcycles and DOT-approved helmet and protective eye wear.
  • Must possess a valid Utah driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement, or at least a learner’s permit.
  • Long pants, no open toed shoes, boots and gloves are recommended.
  • Participants must sign a liability waiver.

Class size is limited so please contact Sergeant Scott Peck at or (801) 944-7100.


CHPD will be enforcing “distracted driver laws” this spring and summer. The fine is a hefty $310 for your first offense.  Please don’t text while driving or text someone when you know they are driving. This simple rule will help drivers avoid temptation and focus on the road.