City amends special events ordinance

City amends special events ordinance
Posted on 07/09/2012

It’s summertime, and lots of residents are planning or participating in outdoor parties, local concerts and 5k runs. If you are the event organizer, we want to remind you that the city council recently amended the special events ordinance, and if your event includes any public streets or property, you will need to get a special events permit.

According to the city code, a special event is defined as an event that takes place on public property such as city streets, parks or schools. These can include block parties, athletic events or entertainment.

If your event qualifies as a special event, you are required to get a special event permit from the city, and permit applications must be received at least 30 days prior to the event.

For more information on the special event application process--and applicable fees, if any--please call the city offices at 801-944-7020.