City chooses new public works services provider

City chooses new public works services provider
Posted on 10/03/2013

At city council meeting on Sept. 24, the Cottonwood Heights City Council voted unanimously to sign a three-year contract with Terracare Associates. The company will begin work in Cottonwood Heights on Nov. 1.

Terracare is a private landscaping and infrastructure management company based in Littleton, CO. They currently provide public works services for local government entities in Colorado and California.

Cottonwood Heights City Manager John Park said that though Salt Lake County has been an outstanding service partner in the past, city leaders wanted to shape a clearer picture of what the future of public works services in Cottonwood Heights should look like. As part of that decision, they felt it was important to consider both private and public service providers.

“Terracare is one of the few private firms we found that was actually providing this type of service,” said Park. “We spent a great deal of time with the cities of Lone Tree and Centennial in Colorado where Terracare currently provides public works services.  Both cities highly recommended Terracare. They have been a tremendous team partner wherever they are, and we believe that will continue in Cottonwood Heights.”

As part of the contract with the city, Terracare will provide snow removal services, concrete replacement, pavement management, general road maintenance, traffic sign maintenance, pavement striping, storm drain maintenance and other general tasks. Salt Lake County will continue to maintain traffic signal timing and street lights.

“Salt Lake County has been a great partner, and though we are moving forward in a new partnership, we are grateful for the services they have provided and continue to provide to Cottonwood Heights,” said Park.