City council district boundary changes

City council district boundary changes
Posted on 01/07/2013

Recently, the state legislature created new district boundaries for federal and state elected offices. Those changes have created a need for counties and cities throughout the state to adjust some of their boundaries accordingly.

Salt Lake County appointed a bipartisan commission that redistricted the county elected offices and the school board precincts.  Upon approval of those boundaries, the county clerk’s office re-drew voting precinct boundaries as well.  This was done because precinct lines cannot cross federal or state district lines.

Once that was completed, many municipalities ended up with district lines that crossed between voting precincts.  In an effort to simplify, the county asked affected cities to adjust city council district boundaries so that one voting precinct is not required to handle elections for two council districts.

This change is not a legal mandate, but is strongly encouraged in an effort to cut down on confusion and make sure there are no problems with ballots and no additional election costs.

In Cottonwood Heights, there will be small changes made to Precincts COT033 and COT034 in Districts Two and Four (see map). They must be approved through an ordinance by the city council by the end of January.  Anyone with questions about the boundary changes can contact Deputy City Manager Linda Dunlavy at 801-944-7021.