City Council Honors Volunteers

City Council Honors Volunteers
Posted on 02/08/2013

On Jan. 26, members of all of the city’s volunteer boards and commissions were invited to attend the second annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner at Heritage Gardens with the mayor, city council and staff. At the dinner, four volunteers were presented with awards for their outstanding volunteer service.

  • Roger Kehr was honored for his efforts in Emergency Planning.  A year after the city was formed, Roger became the Volunteer Emergency Communications Director and focused on building a reliable volunteer radio operator network throughout the city. He also helped the city secure two of its own radio channels for emergency use and helped set up the mobile Emergency Operations Center (EOC) truck. Roger was unable to attend the appreciation dinner because of family commitments, but will be presented with his award during a city council meeting in February.
  • Sylvia Orton received an award for her work with the Cottonwood Heights Historic Committee. Sylvia is a founding member of the committee and serves as its secretary. She works hard to keep the committee organized and help the members work toward the committee’s goals. She also helped record oral histories from longtime members of the Cottonwood Heights community and was instrumental in implementing the idea for a historical display tent during Butlerville Days celebrations.
  • Lorraine Turner was recognized for her work with the Butlerville Days committee. Many residents probably recognize her as the organizer of the annual pie eating contest. However, Lorraine has worked as a volunteer in many capacities since the city’s inception, including neighborhood watch and emergency preparedness.
  • Though she doesn’t serve as a city volunteer, Patti Hansen has helped to build a strong and effective relationship between the city and the Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center during her time as an employee there. She works with city staff on numerous events which have strengthened Cottonwood Heights’ strong sense of community. She was honored by the city council as a great ambassador between the city and this community partner.

We are so grateful for the time and effort expended by all the volunteers on the planning commission, architectural review commission, board of adjustment, historic committee, arts council, Butlerville Days committee and emergency planning group. Without them, our city would not work nearly as well as it does. Thank you!