City council to review proposed Canyon Resort Residential Zone

City council to review proposed Canyon Resort Residential Zone
Posted on 06/07/2011

At the request of the owner of Big Cottonwood Estates (Tavaci), the Cottonwood Heights City Council has agreed to complete its review of the proposed Canyon Resort Residential Zone (CRR). The matter will come before the city council at its meeting on June 28, 2011.

The CRR zone is a city-initiated zoning change that would allow for a resort-type community, including the possibility of hotels, high-rise condos, and retail shops. It was recommended to the city council by the planning commission in August 2009, but the city council was not comfortable with the ordinance as recommended.

Subsequent proposals for alternate types of development and active efforts to negotiate changes to the proposed ordinance with the developer postponed city council action on the commission’s original recommendation. Those negotiations have since stalled, and the property owner is requesting that the city council make a decision on the original version of the CRR zone.

In the time since the planning commission’s recommendation, two new city council members have joined the city and a new planning director has been hired. The June 28 meeting will give the council and staff a chance to review the original CRR zone concept.

The developer will be given 45 minutes to make a presentation and the council will take public comment for 45 minutes. The council will either vote on the ordinance that night or take the input under advisement and render a decision at a future meeting.