City council votes to increase fire restrictions

City council votes to increase fire restrictions
Posted on 06/27/2012

On June 26 and again on July 3, the Cottonwood Heights City Council voted to approve Ordinances 191 and 192, which restrict the use of fireworks on or over any public property such as parks and schools and expand the list of urban interface areas in the city. These restrictions augment existing restrictions on fires and fireworks in wildland interface areas such as the foothills east of Wasatch Boulevard and Crestwood Park.

In mid-June, Governor Gary Herbert asked counties and municipalities throughout the state to take any legally viable steps toward prohibiting the use of fireworks in areas that were susceptible to wildfire. Though the city council could not ban all use of fireworks under existing Utah law, they tightened fireworks restrictions in certain areas not already covered in the municipal code.

Also, with the help of police, public works personnel and staff from the Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center, the city is taking steps to increase awareness of potentially fire-prone areas in the city by posting signs in fireworks-restricted areas.

Just as a reminder, the legal time period for using fireworks in Utah this year is July 1 through July 7 and July 21 through July 27. People who use fireworks outside that time frame or use fireworks in restricted areas can be charged with a class B misdemeanor.

Please see the attached map for a complete list of all restricted areas as of July 3. Areas in red are restricted through Chapters 9 and 14 of the municipal code as well as Ordinance 191. Areas in green were added to the list of urban interface areas through Ordinance 192, which was approved by the city council on July 3. Residents with questions can call the city offices at 801-944-7000.

Map in PDF format