Cottonwood Heights takes second; will serve as "Deputy Canine Mayor" of S.L. County

Cottonwood Heights takes second; will serve as "Deputy Canine Mayor" of S.L. County
Posted on 09/30/2014

Cottonwood Heights' own CeCe, a "mini golden doodle" dog took second place in Salt Lake County's "Canine Mayor" race. She will serve a two-year term as deputy canine mayor after finishing behind "Texas," an 8-year-old boxer.

The Canine Mayoral Election was a fundraising effort, with each vote costing a dollar. The money raised will go to the county’s Injured Animal Fund, which assists in the care of sick and wounded animals.

Texas and CeCe will serve a two-year term, and attend various events with Salt Lake County Mayor McAdams, as determined by his office. The honorable doggy mayor will also be required to uphold all animal ordinances and be a good canine representative, keep current on vaccines and animal license and promote responsible pet ownership.

All "CANINEdates" were chosen from a pool of Salt Lake County residents, but anyone in the world can vote for them.

CeCe faced 13 other dogs that qualified for the race. Her campaign managers say CeCe has an excellent electoral pedigree. She serves as an Intermountain Therapy dog, and is described as “very good looking.” CeCe is a “mini golden doodle” (1/2 toy poodle, half golden retriever) who does not shed – another feature that might have attracted moderate voters and "cat people."

According to a release from S.L. County, $23,080 was raised from the campaign, which includes all funds raised from the 14 Caninedates and their filing fees. According to Mike Reberg, Director of Salt Lake County Animal Services, “This is one of the most successful fundraisers ever held by our agency. The money raised for the Injured Animal Fund is going to help hundreds of injured and ill animals that find themselves in our care.”

“I look forward to having the company of Salt Lake County’s first canine mayor or deputy mayor when I’m out at community events,” said Mayor McAdams. “I know Tex and CeCe will be excellent advocates for all of our community’s furry friends.”

"I have served in dog rescue for the past seven years and have never before seen such a creative way to raise money to save injured animals. Thank you Mayor McAdams and the whole Salt Lake County Animal Services team!” woofs the new Canine Mayor, Utah’s-Tex. “I am proud to serve Salt Lake County as its Canine Mayor for the next two years and pledge to do my very best to see every home that wants a companion animal has one, and that every dog and cat in the county has a home."