Help pets be good neighbors, too

Help pets be good neighbors, too
Posted on 10/15/2012

Pets can be wonderful companions, and are a welcome part of our community. We thank the many responsible pet owners that live in Cottonwood Heights. However, when not properly looked after and cared for, pets have the potential to become nuisances to neighbors and animal control officers alike.

Lately, the city has received a high number of complaints related to pets in neighborhoods. (These complaints don’t include the moose that moseyed through our city a week or two ago!) Most complaints are related to animals running loose, dogs barking for extended periods of time--especially during the night--and pet owners who do not clean up after their animals in neighborhoods and parks.

We’d like to remind pet owners to be considerate of neighbors and residents in the community at large by addressing any problems with pets quickly. If your dog is barking constantly or is making noise during the night, please bring the pet indoors and address the pet’s needs. While walking dogs, make sure to carry the tools necessary to clean up after them. Most importantly, check fences and enclosures to make sure your pets can’t escape and become a hazard to pedestrians and traffic.

Pets are governed by Title 8 of the city’s municipal code. We encourage pet owners throughout the city to take the time to read and comply with the ordinance. Let’s all take the initiative to become better neighbors!