Mountain Accord public commentary period extended

Mountain Accord public commentary period extended
Posted on 10/06/2014

The Mountain Accord is asking citizens to look at their IDEAL systems and respond to a short questionnaire. Please visit between now and October 16 to share your feedback. The commentary period has been extended through Nov. 20.

These ideal systems are DRAFTS and include options. Additional feedback from the public and other stakeholders will be considered before each system group finalizes its recommended ideal system at the end of October.

To provide feedback and get a look at the Mountain Accord project, click here.

Mountain Accord is a multi-phase initiative that seeks to make critical decisions regarding the future of the central Wasatch Mountains. It will holistically evaluate and address issues and goals centered on four topic areas: environment, recreation, transportation, and economy. Mountain Accord is a collaboration between public and private interests, including state and local governments, federal agencies, and business and grassroots organizations. Public involvement is an important component of this effort, and input received from the public will be used to inform and guide the process.

Cottonwood Heights is a proud partner in Mountain Accord, and Mayor Kelvyn Cullimore serves on the organization's executive board.