Quilts donated for victims of fire, crime

Quilts donated for victims of fire, crime
Posted on 09/15/2013

The city’s police and fire departments received a heartfelt gift at city council meeting on Aug. 27—forty handmade quilts from the Quilters Holladay Chapter of the Utah Quilt Guild. The quilts will be kept in patrol cars and fire trucks, and first responders will be able to use them to comfort victims of fire or crime.

Quilters Holladay Charity Chairman Mardi Lessey presented the quilts to the city, and was thanked by CHPD Chief Robby Russo and Unified Fire Asst. Chief Mike Watson.

“This is special to me, and I appreciate the time and effort that goes into these quilts,” he said.

“We know that children who are victims of any disaster, such as the Oklahoma tornadoes or home fires, often have nothing to comfort them,” said a statement from the quilt guild. “These quilts should help first responders offer a tiny bit of comfort.”