September is Emergency Preparedness Month

Emergency Preparedness Month is here again. This year's theme is "You Can Be The Hero." Last September we included an article outlining several suggestions for you to prepare yourself and family. Take a look at your list to see what you have accomplished over this past year.  If your list has not changed in a while, shake off the dust and try again!

Consider the following:

  • Where is the most accessible place for your emergency supplies, particularly a first aid kit, radio and flashlight?
  • Do you have a back-up plan in case you cannot access your food or other supplies?
  • If a disaster strikes in the wintertime, how will you stay warm?
  • If you must evacuate in minutes, what will you grab? Can you quickly find personal identification, medical, financial and insurance papers; prescription drugs; inventory of valuable household goods; personal phone book; family records?
  • Does every family member have an emergency contact card? Have family members keep a copy in a wallet, purse or backpack.
  • How will you contact loves ones if separated? Pick an out-of-state contact, including that person’s phone numbers and e-mail address.
  • Do you know what your child’s school will do in the event of a natural disaster? Familiarize yourself with your child’s school emergency plan.
  • Does your employer have a disaster plan and emergency supplies on hand? Have a preparedness kit at your place of work.
  • Does your family have an escape plan in case you need to quickly leave your home?
  • Have you held family drills for various types of emergencies?
  • Do you have the appropriate insurance coverage on your home and belongings?
  • What about your pets? Like little children, your pet is dependent upon you. Don’t let them fend for themselves. Prepare for their needs too.

Find the time now to reach your preparedness goals. Good luck!

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