Special Service District 1 (Sanitation) announces fee increase

Special Service District 1 (Sanitation) announces fee increase
Posted on 02/20/2012

On Tuesday, Dec. 13, 2011, the Administrative Control Board for the Sanitation District held a public hearing and adopted the 2012 budget. The budget includes a $1.75 per month fee increase, which moves the monthly fee from $11.00 to $12.75 and the annual fee from $132 to $153. The fee increase is related to the following:

  • $4 per ton fee increase at the landfill to dispose of garbage
  • 11 percent increased maintenance rates for our trucks
  • 89 percent increase on the price of fuel in the past two years

These increased prices equate to $2.2 million of increased annual expenses. Another reason for the fee increase is expanded services that district customers wanted, such as increased green waste and recycling collection and an expanded Annual Area Cleanup Program for large, bulky waste.

It is important to note that the dedicated sanitation employees improved efficiencies by moving from a five-eight work schedule to a four-ten schedule and absorbed as much as possible of these increased expenses. The schedule change and adjusting the fleet replacement schedule turned what could have been a $3.90 per month fee increase to $1.75 per month fee increase.

For more information about sanitation services, please visit their website at www.sanitation.slco.org or call 385-468-6325.