Tips on sharing the road safely, peacefully

Tips on sharing the road safely, peacefully
Posted on 08/02/2012

Cottonwood Heights is a beautiful city in which to live, work and play. Recreational opportunities are numerous, especially with such easy access to Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons.

Cycling is one such activity that thrives here in the city. However, sometimes cyclists and motorists have trouble sharing the road, which can lead to altercations and even accidents.

Here are a few tips for both groups on how to share the road safely and peacefully.

For Cyclists:

  • Always wear a helmet!
  • Obey all traffic laws.
  • Ride responsibly and be courteous.
  • Don’t ride against oncoming traffic or on sidewalks.
  • Make eye contact with drivers—it makes you more visible to them.
  • Wear brightly-colored clothing.
  • Ride predictably—don’t weave in and out of traffic.

For Motorists:

  • Respect the right of cyclists to be on the road.
  • Be patient.
  • Use caution and leave ample space when passing a cyclist.
  • Watch for cyclists when turning.
  • Don’t honk at cyclists.
  • Give cyclists the space to deal with hazardous road conditions.
  • Distracted driving is dangerous driving. Remember that texting, eating and other distractions when you’re behind the wheel are a danger to you, your passengers, and anyone else near the roadway.