'Tis the season for...road construction

'Tis the season for...road construction
Posted on 06/02/2014

There are many reasons to enjoy summertime in Utah, but one thing many people don’t enjoy is summer road work. However, though road construction and maintenance can be disruptive, the long-term benefits to residents far outweigh the short-term annoyance.

During the month of June, road crews will be active in a few areas of the city. Please slow down and use caution when approaching and passing them. While road work is taking place, some roads may be temporarily closed. Please help road construction personnel by respecting posted signs and instructions and keeping cars off the streets. Also, trimming trees and vegetation that hang over the road will help crews work effectively and while avoiding damage to property.

A few of the projects scheduled for June are:

  • Residential streets east of Wasatch Boulevard—Beginning on June 3, crews will begin to apply a slurry seal to residential roads east of Wasatch Boulevard. They will start on the north end of Prospector Drive and move south. Notices will be sent to residents before road work begins in front of their homes. The entire project is expected to last a few weeks, though any weather delays may prolong it.

June 2 Schedule

June 3 Schedule

June 5 and 6 Schedule

  • Kings Hill Drive—The full length of Kings Hill Drive is scheduled for an overlay this year. Crews will begin work on June 9, and residents will be notified in advance of road work in front of their homes.
  • Whitmore Way—Milling and paving of Whitmore Way east of the library will take place during the week of June 9.
  • 1300 East gas line—Crews from Questar continue to work on installing a major gas line along 1300 East. Traffic patterns are subject to change, so please be alert while driving in the area. If possible, please find alternate routes.