Utah will shake, rattle and roll on April 17!

Utah will shake, rattle and roll on April 17!
Posted on 01/23/2013

This is not your average “Save the Date” reminder! We are asking you, your family, your school, your business, your friends, and anyone else who is interested to join us for an earthquake on April 17.

No, not a real earthquake—it’s the 2013 Great Utah Shakeout!

Shakeout is a large-scale earthquake preparedness drill. Last year, Utah’s event boasted nearly one million participants from all types of entities—government, business, education, and even individual families. Municipalities such as Cottonwood Heights participated by running different disaster scenarios and testing emergency procedures and communication networks.

The drill is a great tool because it helps remind all of us how to react in different scenarios and pinpoints areas in which we need to improve.

If you would like to join us for this important safety drill, log on to www.shakeout.org/utah and sign up. You will also find tips on how to be prepared for an emergency and updates about the 2013 drill. Also, watch this newspaper and the city website as the event approaches for information on ShakeOut activities in Cottonwood Heights.