Utility to prune trees near power lines in CH

Utility to prune trees near power lines in CH
Posted on 04/25/2012

Rocky Mountain Power will be working in Cottonwood Heights from now until early July to perform scheduled vegetation maintenance.  Crews will be in the general area between I-215 (6200 South) to Bengal Blvd. (7600 South) and from Highland Dr. (1900 East) to Wasatch Blvd. (3400 East).  The utility prunes trees near power lines to ensure public safety and electric service reliability for customers.

Trees that grow too close to power lines can cause power outages, start fires or create other hazardous conditions. Rocky Mountain Power will attempt to notify residents and businesses before pruning trees near power lines that are located on their property.

Rocky Mountain Power’s contractor, Trees Inc., employs professional arborists to maintain a safe corridor around power lines. For the past decade, the utility has received annual awards from Tree Line USA for its commitment to quality care for trees, worker training, tree planting and public education.

Rocky Mountain Power cautions that the best way to avoid contact between trees and power lines is to plant the right species of tree in the right place.  Information is available at   www.rockymountainpower.net/trees.

Additionally, never prune trees near power lines on your own. Hire a certified arborist who is trained to do the work safely and properly. If trees on your property are growing into power lines or if you need assistance, contact Rocky Mountain Power toll free at 1-888-221-7070.

Always be aware of your proximity to power lines before pruning trees – or when performing any work outside with antennas, ladders and long-handled tools – and stay as far away as possible! Branches can conduct electricity. In addition to the clear danger of metal tools near power lines, recognize that wood- or fiberglass-handled tools are not designed to protect users from high voltages  and also may conduct electricity, especially if the handle is wet or dirty.

Customers can call Rocky Mountain Power anytime toll free at 1-888-221-7070 with questions about utility tree pruning near power lines in their neighborhood.