Water leak prompts road work on Ft. Union Blvd.

Water leak prompts road work on Ft. Union Blvd.
Posted on 04/07/2011

You may be asking yourself, “What happened to our beautiful new road?”

People who drove through the Fort Union Boulevard and Highland Drive intersection on March 18 may have noticed that crews were cutting into the new roadway, which had just been the focus of a major reconstruction project last summer.

A large water leak forced Salt Lake City Public Utilities to dig up portions of the road surface so that they could find and fix the problems. The age of the water lines coupled with shifts in the ground due to temperature changes are believed to have caused the leaks.

The excavation of the new road was necessary and unavoidable, despite a five-year cutting moratorium the city placed on Fort Union Boulevard when the recent roadwork was completed. The moratorium applies to all non-emergency projects such as installation of cable or electrical lines.

Though temporary patches have been applied to the roadway for the time being, Salt Lake City will be responsible for a more permanent fix as the weather improves and temperatures rise.

Since the road is brand new, the utility will be required to patch the road with the same high-grade materials and techniques as were used on the rest of the road. They will be required to mill the top three inches off of a continuous section of the road that is much bigger than the patch, then overlay the same asphalt mix used in the reconstruction.

So, while you may have to endure a little more construction on Fort Union this summer, you can also look forward to having your new roadway restored soon. Thanks in advance for your patience!