What to do with all the sandbags?

What to do with all the sandbags?
Posted on 08/04/2011
Filling sandbags

Now that the flood threat is past, you may be wondering—what is the best way to dispose of all the sandbags?

If you have sandbags on your property, you are welcome to use the sand for projects such as landscaping. However, please do not dump sand into the creeks!

If you have no use for the sand and would like to get rid of the sandbags, you can bring them to the following pickup locations until Aug. 8.

  • 1314 Milne Lane
  • 1401 Milne Lane
  • 1301 E. Siesta Drive
  • 1355 E. Siesta Drive
  • 1885 E. Siesta Drive
  • Crestwood Park
  • Cottonwood Cove Lane at Highland Drive
  • 7960 S. Willow Stream Drive
  • 8045 S. Royal Lane
  • 8763 S. Kings Hill Drive

We would ask that residents try to keep loose sand and sandbags separated at the drop off locations. Crews will begin cleanup in these areas starting on Aug. 8.

After Aug. 8, residents can still drop off sand and bags at Crestwood Park, located at approximately 1640 E. Siesta Drive, until Aug. 14. Crews from Cottonwood Heights and Salt Lake County will then do a final cleanup of the park on Aug. 15.

After Aug. 15, there will be no more sandbag cleanup efforts sponsored by the city. Once the county has finished the cleanup, property owners will have to keep the sandbags or find an alternative way to dispose of them.

If you have questions about the sandbag cleanup effort, please call the city’s public works department at 801-944-7090.