Winter Parking Regulations Reminder

Winter Parking Regulations Reminder
Posted on 10/20/2014

As the winter season approaches, Cottonwood Heights reminds all drivers to be aware of street parking regulations.

Parking on the Street:

City Code: 11.20.130 Parking prohibited when.

A. It is unlawful for any person who owns or has possession, custody or control of any vehicle to park or knowingly allow to be parked any vehicle on any street:

1. After any snow accumulation, until 24 hours after the end of such accumulation;

2. Upon any street or alley for longer than 24 consecutive hours; or

3. For any period longer than that allowed by appropriate signs, markings or parking meters giving notice of such parking time limitations.

B. Whenever any police officer finds a vehicle upon a street or alley in violation of the provisions of this section, the officer may have the vehicle impounded or otherwise removed.