Winter's Over---Now What?

Winter's Over---Now What?
Posted on 05/04/2012

With the retreat of the snow, another season begins. You were thinking Spring, right? But in public works it’s the season of orange, the time when we get out and build and maintain things like the streets and storm drains. For example, you may have seen one of our projects along 2300 East getting started a few weeks ago. Here is a list of other projects you will see throughout the summer.

Storm Drain on 2300 East.  The storm drain project along 2300 East will address an issue that the property owners along the west side of the street have been dealing with for a long time. We are extending the storm drain system between 6710 South and 6850 South to capture water that has been collecting on the street and running onto adjoining properties. The project should take about 45 days.

Storm Drain on Danish Road. Another storm drain project at 8400 South on Danish Road will contain water in the right-of-way and prevent it from traveling across private property.  The truant water will be diverted by the installation of new curb and gutter into the existing storm water system.

The Big Cottonwood Canyon Trail.  The last phase of the trail along Big Cottonwood Canyon road is in the final design stages and will be under construction by the first part of August, with completion expected before winter hits again.

Intersection Upgrade at Union Park & Fort Union.  You will see improvements to the intersection of Union Park Avenue and Fort Union Boulevard this summer. That project will provide dual left turns at all four legs making this intersection more efficient.  If more people can turn left at once, we can dedicate more green light time to the through movements.  This means less idling and more gas savings.  More green lights can be more green for our environment and our wallets.

Radar on Bengal Boulevard.  The intersections of 2300 and 2325 East Bengal Blvd. will also get an improvement with the installation a new state-of-the-art radar detection system this year.  The radar is easy to adjust and does not depend on wires underneath the pavement.  It is anticipated that this intersection will become easier to maintain, be more efficient and have fewer undetected vehicles.

New Sidewalk on 7200 South.  Residents in the area of 7200 South between 1330 East and Ridgecrest Elementary will be getting a new sidewalk paid for by state “Safe Sidewalk” monies. This project was initiated by local resident Debbie Durtschi who researched funding options and encouraged city officials to apply. After review by state officials the project was awarded funding. This is another great example of the positive impact that occurs when dedicated residents and city officials work together.

Road Maintenance. Our road/asphalt maintenance will also begin soon.  The scheduled road treatments for this year are available on the city web site under Public Works--Pavement Management.  The largest undertaking will be an overlay on Fort Union Boulevard between 2300 East and 3000 East.

Concrete Repairs.  Along with street maintenance, our concrete replacement projects are in high gear after the winter hiatus with the installation of new ADA access ramps and cross gutters, as well as sidewalk replacement in different locations through out the city.

Future Projects.  Some things to look for in the future include an Access Management/ Median Improvement project along Union Park Avenue, park-and-rides along Fort Union Boulevard and Wasatch Boulevard, improvements to the intersection at Fort Union Boulevard and Highland Drive and installation of a round-about at 2600 E. Bengal Blvd.

The public works department is proud of the opportunity to upgrade and maintain this city.  We are committed to completing each project as quickly and conveniently as possible.  But more importantly, we will make every effort to ensure your safety during these construction activities.  Please help us by slowing down or possibly avoiding areas that have traffic control measures in place.  As the orange season begins, help us watch out for those hard-working people dressed in orange!