April 2018 History Question of the Month

Posted on 04/03/2018
Who was the first person to have a telephone on Danish Road?

Melvin Jay Proctor was born April 18, 1926, to Melvin Proctor and Mary Vola Tripp of Union. Jay spent most of his youth growing up in the family home near Little Cottonwood Creek on Highland Drive. Jay served during WWII in the 12th Infantry, 4th Division, of the 3rd Army in Europe, receiving a Purple Heart. After returning from the service, he married his wife, Bea. They lived for a few years on Thomas and Lilly Dyers’s farm in Danish Town and in 1947, Jay gained employment with Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Co. as a repairman. Since he was on call 24 hours a day, he needed to have a telephone. No one in Danish Town had a telephone at the time, and the telephone company ran a line down over the hill from Wasatch Boulevard to Jay’s home on Danish Road. When Jay and Bea moved away in the early 1950s, the phone line was taken down. It was four years later that most Danish Town residents received telephone service.