August 2017

August 2017
Posted on 08/01/2017


During an August night in 1940, Alma W. Farnsworth of Cottonwood Heights was faced with a very frightening experience that threatened his livelihood.  What happened?



At about 9 p.m., witnesses said a lightning bolt struck near Alma W. Farnsworth’s fox farm. Flames whipped by a firm wind flared up almost as rapidly as the bolt hit. The farm was located near 2700 East, south of today’s Banbury Road. The fire burned more than 10 acres of sagebrush and scrub oak before firemen from Murray’s Station No. 1 could bring it under control. The fire crew was aided by a light rainfall that accompanied the lightning. Alma Farnsworth had moved his fox farm from Salt Lake to Butlerville about 1934.  He had a large fox farm that employed two men.