June 2017

Posted on 06/01/2017

 The Walter Lorenzo Berrett family grew a huge crop of watermelons each summer.  Trying to get rid of them became a problem.  While Mr. Berrett didn’t believe in working on the Sabbath, he did sell watermelons on Sundays.  The family lived off of 70th South and east of 1300 East.  Because there was a lot of traffic on 70th South on Sunday (maybe 10 cars) with people going up 7000 South to get to the Canyon, he decided this would be a good way to get rid of his crop. On Saturday night Mr. Berrett, along with his children would go down to the watermelon fields with a makeshift cart that they heaped with watermelons to take to their yard. After church services on Sunday morning, Mr. Berrett would pull the load of watermelons up to 70th South and park it there. The children would then sit there and sell watermelons to those passing by. The big watermelons went for 25 cents and the small ones for 10 cents. Of course, no one would buy one without first plugging it, by cutting a little square into the melon and pulling out a sample to taste it. If it was green they wouldn’t buy it, and those melons were given to the pigs to eat.