Planning Commission

The Planning Commission was created in order to represent the concerns of diverse citizen groups as well as the broad interests of the community as a whole. The Commission is charged with providing balanced representation in terms of geographic, professional, neighborhood and community interest in the development of a healthy and well-planned community.

For more information about the duties of the Planning Commission, please refer to Title 19.05 of the Cottonwood Heights Municipal Code.

Apply to serve on the Planning Commission

Current Planning Commission Members:

Name District Term Expires
Craig Bevan 1 30 June 2019
Graig Griffin 2 30 June 2018
Douglas Rhodes 3 30 June 2018
Christine Coutts 4 30 June 2019
Jesse Allen 4 (at large) 30 June 2020
Sue Ryser 1 (at large) 30 June 2018
Bob Wilde (alternate) 1 (at large) 30 June 2019