Elected Officials

City hallCottonwood Heights has a Council/Manager form of government, which is an alternate form of government under state law. This form of government is different from state and federal governments which have separate legislative and executive departments. The Council/Manager form of government has a legislative body consisting of four council members and a mayor, who acts as chairman of the council. The mayor also serves as the representative of the city in signing legal documents and at city events of various kinds.

The council and mayor select and hire a city manager whose responsibilities are defined by state statute. The city manager is the chief administrative officer for the city and is responsible for enacting the council’s policies and hiring additional personnel.

State statute directs that the city have a city attorney, city treasurer, city recorder, and city finance officer. The duties for these positions are defined by statute and the appointees must be approved by the city council.

When needed, the city council will act as the Community Development and Renewal Agency (CDRA).  The Community Development and Renewal Agency was created to undertake or promote urban renewal, economic development and community development within the geographic boundaries of the city.  The CDRA will meet as necessary or at least once a year.

The Cottonwood Heights City Council


L-R: Mike Shelton, Christine Mikell, Mike Peterson, Scott Bracken, Tali Bruce

How do I communicate with the Cottonwood Heights City Council?

The Cottonwood Heights City Council welcomes reasoned and thoughtful input from residents. There are several ways to communicate with the mayor and city council. For individual contact information, including email and phone numbers, click on the appropriate link in the grey sidebar on this page. If you are unsure of your representative, click on the district map to find your corresponding district.

Listen To Live Webcasts Of City Council Meetings

You can listen to most Cottonwood Heights city public meetings here:
chmeetings is on Mixlr

By mail:

Cottonwood Heights City Offices
2277 E. Bengal Blvd.
Cottonwood Heights, UT 84121

At City Council Meeting:

On the first and third Tuesdays of each month, the city council holds a work session, followed by a business meeting. At the start of each business meeting, citizen comments are allowed. Anyone may address the council during this time, and no advance notice to the council is necessary. Work sessions begin at 5 p.m. and business meetings usually start at 7 p.m. City council agendas and minutes are available HERE. Additional work sessions may be scheduled as needed.

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Wasatch Boulevard Master Plan

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