A New Mayor…a New Year

A New Mayor…a New Year
Posted on 01/03/2018

By Mayor Mike Peterson

Let me begin by wishing each of you a wonderful and prosperous New Year. I’m looking forward to 2018 and the opportunity to serve as your Mayor. I’m also excited to welcome two new members to the City Council, Christine Mikell from District 4 and Tali Bruce, representing District 3. I look forward to their involvement and in hearing their perspectives on the many challenges that face our city. 

I’d also like to take a moment and offer my sincere thanks and appreciation to Mayor Kelvyn Cullimore for his 13 years of incredibly dedicated service. I firmly believe we are much further along in our development as a young city than we would have been without his early leadership and love for Cottonwood Heights. His tremendous sacrifice and commitment became more and more evident each year I served with him on the City Council and watched the respect he garnered from the various entities with which we worked throughout the state. I also need to express my appreciation to the Mayor for his graciousness in facilitating my smooth transition toward filling this position. Prior to me taking office, he went out of his way to keep me informed on all topics and invited me to join him at the many meetings, boards and councils that a mayor is expected to attend. This is often not the case for many new mayors who are about to take office.

Similarly, I need to express my appreciation to Councilman Tee Tyler for his eight years of service and wish him well as he leaves the City Council. Councilman Tyler is truly one of the finest individuals I’ve ever met and a true example of a valued public servant. 

It is my goal to continue to work closely with the Council to add value to this great city and what’s already been accomplished, to look for opportunities to improve services to our constituents, and to carefully guide the growth of our young city in a way that protects and enhances the quality of life we all enjoy. 

With the mayoral campaign behind me, I’m thankful for the experience and the many opportunities I had to meet so many wonderful people. I enjoyed meeting many of you when knocking on doors, attending neighborhood cottage meetings and gatherings, or when responding to inquiries about me or my position on a particular issue. I think this is what I love most about municipal government, that it allows elected officials to be closer to the people they serve.  

It’s during these past few months that I have gained an even greater understanding of your priorities and concerns. There was definitely not a consensus of opinion on all issues, but I certainly felt a common thread of genuine interest for the well-being of our city. Wherever I went, I felt genuine support in the ongoing care and development of our parks, trails and open space, and the specific need to attempt to find an appropriate location for a dog park. There was also strong interest voiced for the continuing need for strategic and comprehensive planning in most all areas of our city’s responsibilities. Some issues most often mentioned included the gravel pit area, Wasatch Boulevard between Big and Little Cottonwood canyons, our remaining open space, Crestwood Park, and Fort Union Boulevard. There was also clear support for a strong public safety presence, both fire and police, and this included an underlying sentiment to continue the education and communication between residents and these two organizations. 

A few other areas of common interest raised by many included the issue regarding accessory dwelling units, snow removal, bike lanes, community emergency preparedness, road conditions, economic development, communication, taxes, and the cost of government. I look forward to addressing these and many other topics as we begin the new year. 

As a new Mayor and Council, we have many responsibilities, but none more important than to aggressively listen to you as our constituents. I encourage each of you to feel free to reach out to the Mayor, Council, and the city administration and share with us your thoughts on the many issues facing our great city.