Cottonwood Heights City Government at Work

Cottonwood Heights City Government at Work
Posted on 04/01/2019

By City Manager Tim Tingey

As I have worked in my position over the past five months at Cottonwood Heights, I have been impressed with the efforts of our elected officials, city staff, volunteers and partnering organizations in making our community a great place to live and work. It has prompted me to reflect on all that is being accomplished daily and how local government is at work for the residents of Cottonwood Heights.

Local government at work begins with the residents in our community and is reflected by the leaders they have elected — our Mayor and City Council. In December 2018, the Mayor and Council established a new mission statement for our community which sets the standard of excellence that we strive to accomplish in our work. It states:

“Cottonwood Heights strives to enrich the quality of life for our residents and to build an attractive, inviting, and secure community. We work in partnership with our residents and businesses to foster community pride, preserve and enhance the natural beauty of our environment, facilitate economic development and plan for the future within the constraints of a fiscally and socially responsible government.”

At the end of last year, city staff prepared an administrative direction plan which included a vision statement. A portion of that statement includes the following:

“Our focus is to provide customer services in an effective and efficient manner and to always contribute to bettering the community of Cottonwood Heights.” 

The Cottonwood Heights staff is focused on serving our customers and bettering our community, which are the themes we constantly strive to do in our work. While there are many efforts that are being pursued daily, here are five highlights to demonstrate your government at work in bettering our community:

1.         Budget Preparation. The Mayor and City Council, working in conjunction with the administration of the city, have implemented compensation and budget committees to provide critical input. They ensure that we are meeting our current financial obligations and preparing for future needs as we formulate the upcoming 2019-2020 budget. Each committee is working collaboratively to evaluate efficiency measures and critical needs in a proactive manner to ensure financial prudence;

2.         Open Space and Trail Enhancements. Cottonwood Heights has constantly invested in projects to enhance the quality of life in the community. Last year, the Mayor and City Council created a Parks Trails and Open Space committee with numerous residents meeting and brainstorming ways to improve open space and trail enhancements in the city. The efforts of this committee and our Community and Economic Development staff prompted an application and an award for significant funding from Salt Lake County to build the Bonneville Shoreline trail on the east bench of our community. We have also collaborated with the United States Forest Service and they are contributing to this important effort, as well, to augment our quality of life through trails and open space;

3.         City Website. The Mayor and City Council approved funding to redesign the city’s website. A request for proposals process was just completed, and the City Council approved a contract with Granicus Inc. to enhance the website and provide more tools to promote greater information dissemination and transparency in our community;

4.         Emergency Response Preparation. The city works with local resident groups in awareness of emergency situations and we strive to better our community by being prepared for any unfortunate event. In March, our police department began our spring Community Emergency Response Training, with 20 residents attending. We are also involved in many more efforts to be adequately prepared in emergency situations;

5.         Road and Infrastructure Enhancements. Multiple road and infrastructure projects will be pursued this spring and summer including the Fort Union and Highland Drive intersection enhancements, improvements to the Big Cottonwood Canyon trail, Mountview Park facility enhancements, and design work for the Bengal Boulevard roundabout.

I look forward to participating in the efforts with Mayor Mike Peterson and the City Council, residents, partnering agency representatives and city staff to accomplish these items and so much more as we enhance Cottonwood Heights and continually demonstrate your local government at work.