Did You Know CH Has A Business Association?

Did You Know CH Has A Business Association?
Posted on 11/02/2015
By Council Member Tee Tyler

Cottonwood Heights is home to many successful businesses. These businesses are large and small, local and international in sales and scope. Many have gained national recognition for their quality goods and services. Companies like Master Control, SanDisk, Instructure, Jet Blue and Extra Storage call Cottonwood Heights home.

But there are also hundreds of successful small businesses that contribute to the welfare of the city. In order for a community to survive, it takes all sizes of companies providing plentiful services or products.

During the past few years, the Cottonwood Heights City Council has discussed how we could best support business owners throughout our city and attract more quality companies that could make Cottonwood Heights their home base.

We considered joining one of the many existing Chambers of Commerce in Salt Lake County or discussed whether we should work to form our own new Chamber of Commerce. We also debated numerous other ideas that we felt could help business owners in the city.

The diversity of the types of businesses in our community and the desire to gain the most value for resources spent in this endeavor led us to our decision to form the Cottonwood Heights Business Association (CHBA).

Earlier this year, under the leadership of our Cottonwood Heights Community and Economic Development (CED) Director Brian Berndt and Business Development employee Peri Kinder, our city launched the CHBA, which is free to all businesses licensed with Cottonwood Heights.

The main goals of the CHBA are to:

• Provide business owners in Cottonwood Heights regular opportunities to network with one another and create effective partnerships.
• Have city leadership listen to ideas, concerns and accomplishments in the business community.
• Find ways to best support and promote business goals and objectives.
• Provide a new and direct way for the city to communicate with business owners.
• Explore ideas and suggestions regarding ways to attract complementary new businesses to Cottonwood Heights.
• Create a thriving business atmosphere in the city that encourages continued economic growth.

In six short months, we feel we have the CHBA rolling. We have more than 100 business members of CHBA and new members are joining every week. The CHBA has active social media platforms on Facebook and Twitter to promote business events and sales or to recognize business leaders in the community.

Brian and Peri make appointments and visit many businesses, getting to know owners, employees and businesses here in Cottonwood Heights. In recent months, the CHBA and our city council have participated in numerous grand opening celebrations and ribbon cutting events, indicating that Cottonwood Heights is where business owners want to be.

This summer, a CHBA board was formed to give business leaders a voice in how the organization operates. The board consists of Ron Benson (Chair), American Family Insurance; Melody Wagstaff (Vice-chair), 1 Teacher 1 Student; Michael Albrecht (Secretary), TBA Power; Glenn Colby, Invarius; Glenna Kamholz, Kewl Promotions; Jacob Jones, Fitness Together; Jeff Olpin, Positively Critical; John Sherwin, AXA Advisors; and Kari Sikorski, Kari Sikorski Photography. I also have the privilege of representing the city council on the CHBA board.

I want to thank Mayor Kelvyn Cullimore, my fellow city council members, City Manager John Park and Brian, Peri and Monica Sanchez of our Cottonwood Heights CED for their efforts in launching the city’s business association.

If you have a business licensed in Cottonwood Heights and would like more information or would like to get involved with the CHBA, contact Peri at pkinder@ch.utah.gov or 801-944-7067. She will be happy to discuss the CHBA with you and how you can join the business community.

I feel the best days of the CHBA are yet to come. Come join us!

Here’s a list of several activities the CHBA has organized in the last few months, or have planned for the near future:

• Networking lunches/breakfasts
• Business/Education Connection Discussion
• The CHBA Ambassador Program
• Holiday Open House
• Sub-For-Santa
• CHBA Newsletter
• Business-to-Business Expo
• One-on-One Business/City Leaders Luncheons
• Business Spotlights in the city’s newsletter
• Business Boot Camp Series
• Gravel Pit Economic Development Hike
• Ribbon Cuttings/Grand Opening Celebrations
• Service Projects