Goals accomplished, a few loose ends and many thanks as I leave the City Council 

Goals accomplished, a few loose ends and many thanks as I leave the City Council
Posted on 10/02/2017

By District 4 Councilman Tee Tyler

As I approach the end of my two terms on the Cottonwood Heights City Council, I would like to tell everyone who reads this, my last City Newsletter article: THANK YOU!

It has been my honor and privilege to have represented District 4 of Cottonwood Heights. I have tried to represent the majority opinion of my constituents, issue by issue, these past eight years. I have tried to listen and echo most your collective concerns at our meetings. Here are some results and a few things I have learned along the way. They are in no particular order, but I feel each of the items on this list is important because they impact our day-to-day lives here in Cottonwood Heights.

1. We limited the number of snakes that can be kept in a residential zone within our city.

2. We kept the Tavaci development at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon free of commercial use.

3. We did temporarily ban aerial fireworks this year, in the hope that our State Legislature would see the need to ban them permanently and limit the number of days per year that fireworks can be used.

4. With the great work by our economic development director, our city staff and of course the land owners, we were able to attract Trader Joe’s along with many other valued businesses to Cottonwood Heights.

5. In my eight years and in every year since our city incorporated in 2005, your city government has worked hard to live within its means. Cottonwood Heights City has not increased property taxes. In today’s world of increasing costs of everything, (labor, health insurance and generally all services) this has been challenging. I want to recognize the great efforts to avoid raising your taxes by our good mayor, our budget directors, city managers, the council members and our caring staff. To me, this is a very commendable accomplishment. We have worked to balance business growth (adding sales tax revenue) with an effort to keep Cottonwood Heights a safe, affordable beautiful place to live and raise a family.

6. We built another city park, Mountview Park. We were able to do that affordably in cooperation with Canyons School District.

7. We built the Big Cottonwood Canyon Trail during these past eight years. This trail affords many a place to exercise, learn of local history and enjoy the beauty of our community. With newly approved grant money, we will be finishing the 130 yards of the trail not completed sometime in 2018.

8. We made the decision to create our own city public works department, in recognizing and rectifying our mistake of previously contracting for much of our public works services. Now, with our new Public Works director, city manager and deputy city manager, we have staff and equipment necessary to provide broader and more responsive public works services. This includes, but is not limited to road maintenance, weed control, storm water system, street signs, snow plowing, the 50/50 program, etc.

9. We were finally able to stop renting a city hall and build one. I feel we have a beautiful city hall that can serve our city long after our bond payments are retired and will be a long-term asset for our community. Located very near the geographic center of Cottonwood Heights, our city hall joins Brighton High School, Butler Park, Butler Middle School and theater, and our beloved Cottonwood Heights Recreation Center as the citizens’ gathering point of our community. We are fortunate to have them all. (Thank you to Canyons School District for their help and cooperation.)

Now a few things we have not accomplished, but which are still possible in our future. 

I feel badly that during my terms on the City Council our city has not been able to secure a second trailhead from our city to the mountains. Whether by right of way, easement or land purchase, I would like to see another access point to your mountains and the future Bonneville Shoreline Trail, with sufficient parking for the many people sure to use it. Public parking at these sites is critical, as shown by our Ferguson Canyon trail.

I would like to see our city, in conjunction with Salt Lake County government develop the Crestwood Park area of our city for improved public use. Time and again surveys speak of the need for more parks.  We need not develop all of the acres at once, but I would hope that future city councils could work with Salt Lake County’s recreation department to find appropriate uses of the Crestwood area.

I wish our city could have convinced the Utah Department of Transportation to provide the citizens of our city living east and west of Wasatch Boulevard with better ingress and egress from this congested, important road. Whether it be another stop light or road widening, something needs to be done. Hopefully, the Wasatch Boulevard study, which is now underway, will lead to solutions to this concerning problem.

Finally, I need to convey my appreciation for these wonderful people I have been blessed to rub shoulders with during the past eight years.

1. Mayor Kelvyn Cullimore who will be ending over 15 years of continuous service to our community. We have all been the recipients of his amazing work ethic! What a great mayor!

2. My fellow Council members. These men and women have been a great example to me and to our citizens.

3. Our first responders. Police Chief Robby Russo and the men and women of CHPD. Fire Chief Mike Watson and the men and women of UFA. Thank you all for keeping us safe.

4. The Cottonwood Heights City staff. You are all smart, capable and caring. Thank you for your many accomplishments.

5. Our many, many volunteers, such as the Historic Committee, the Arts Council, the Youth City Council, and on and on. Our city is in your debt. Any more volunteers out there?

Thank you to everyone who has allowed me to serve. It has been a wonderful experience. Now onto an even better Cottonwood Heights!