The Case For Shopping Local

The Case For Shopping Local
Posted on 05/02/2016

By Councilman Tee W. Tyler

Compared to other cities across the United States, Cottonwood Heights’ nine square miles of land and a population estimated at 35,000 might seem relatively small. Although we are geographically small, our city provides us with nearly everything we need to live happy and fulfilled lives.

We have quality grocery stores, shops and restaurants, diverse housing choices, a wealth of career opportunities and access to some of the most beautiful recreation spots in the country located in our own backyard.

In tough economic times, Americans choose to stay close to home and place emphasis on basic needs. Churches fill up and family values come to the forefront, but local businesses also need our support to maintain through lean times.

As in most cities, the support of hometown businesses not only sustains local economies; it sustains our city and its ability to continue to provide necessary public services. Cottonwood Heights’ number one source of budget revenue comes from property taxes, but the second biggest contributor to the city’s budget is sales tax.

It’s called “Backyard Economics”; the notion that supporting the nearly 1,500 businesses in Cottonwood Heights has a positive impact on the city’s economic future. It’s in our best interest to spend our dollars in the businesses where we live. City government will be supported financially, providing city infrastructure and much-needed improvements such as our roads and parks.

On the other hand, we lose the opportunity to help our city maintain its standard of quality services when we choose to make most of our purchases outside the city or through online retailers.

So what is special about shopping in Cottonwood Heights? Our city boasts a diverse range of businesses. From national retailers to small-time proprietors, from fast food chains to ethnic cafes, Cottonwood Heights enjoys an array of choices available to its residents and visitors in our city.

Here are some local business facts:

Cottonwood Heights is home to one of the top restaurants in single location gross sales in Utah—Market Street Grill.

Cottonwood Heights provides a wide array of grocery retailers.

With more than $18 million in revenue last year, the state liquor store on Fort Union Boulevard. is the second most profitable alcohol store in the state.

The city boasts many original restaurants including Lone Star Taqueria, JohnnieBeef’s, Franck’s Angel Café, Cottonwood Heights Café and the Porcupine Pub & Grille, just to name a few.

The city has more than 2.9 million square feet of Class A office space, making Cottonwood Heights one of the top cities in Utah in this category.

For each dollar spent at a locally owned business, more of that dollar stays in the local economy.

Local businesses produce jobs for the community, helping to alleviate air pollution by keeping you close to home, and creating an identity for the city.

So when trying to decide where to eat, shop, get a manicure or haircut, have your pet groomed, rent office space, have your oil changed, purchase sheetrock, get your car fixed or enjoy a massage, remember “backyard economics,” and remember Cottonwood Heights.